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MTWO Construction Cloud
CDE to support ISO 19650

The Significance of ISO19650 and How MTWO Construction Cloud Can Facilitate Compliance

The increasing need for BIM standardization: ISO 19650

The increased adoption of BIM in the construction industry has led to the development of the ISO 19650 suite of standards, which is an international standard for managing information over the entire life cycle of a built asset using Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The Essence of ISO 19650: A Common Data Environment

The key component of the ISO 19650 standards is a Common Data Environment. It is the single source of information used to collect, manage and disseminate documentation, the graphical model and non-graphical data for the whole project team.

How MTWO Construction Cloud can facilitate compliance

MTWO is an enterprise-level unified platform driven by a common data environment that supports the compliance of ISO 19650 for contractors, consultants, and asset owners/operators. Download the white paper to learn more.

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