Have You Found the Perfect Match for Your Digital Transformation?

It’s Valentine’s Day! And here at RIB Software, we love construction. We love our customers. We match the best technology with our customers’ needs. Hear how our customers found their perfect match for digital transformation.

Max Aicher Bau GmbH & Co. KG

A construction company with tradition and has been combining traditional quality standards with state-of-the-art working methods since 1924.

Ralph Hößle and Thomas Rössler, Managing Directors of Max Aicher Bau GmbH & Co. KG: “In order to have long-term success today, digitization is an essential factor. With the iTWO enterprise solution, we can ideally map our processes. The major added value of the RIB iTWO end-to-end solution is to centrally manage all data and to create transparency and more efficiency in all areas.”

DEGES Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH

The project management company of several federal states and the federal government with the realization of significant transport infrastructure projects since 1991.

Andreas Irngartinger, Head of Digital Planning and Construction at DEGES: “The more intensive cooperation with RIB is a consistent step in our digitization strategy: with the new software, we are even better able to connect our BIM models with the planning and construction processes. Model-based cost calculation, digital model-based invoice workflows and model-based service recording are just a few key points in this context. Especially the possibilities of iTWO 4.0 will help us in the future to connect our construction sites with mobile devices, to create dashboards and to integrate external partners into the processes of DEGES.”

Fabcon Precast

A leading provider of structural precast panels with seven strategically placed manufacturing facilities in the U.S.

Heath Waddell, Director Operations of Fabcon Kansas: “We were searching for a solution to improve quality, efficiency and the working environment for our employees. The iTWO Smart Laser solution is a great solution for these opportunities.”

Jason Hensley, Director of Research and Development at Fabcon Precast: “We have completed the implementation of iTWO Smart Laser in Kansas this summer and we see the benefits of it, improved quality, more efficiency and better working environment for our employees. The “iTWO Smart Laser” will bring us the same added value in Ravena and the great integration with MTWO platform.”


A family-operated construction company that has been planning and implementing demanding infrastructure and construction projects for 129 years.

Michael Voigt, IT Manager of HEITKAMP Group: “Here in the Ruhr region, a handshake still counts more than any promise. Even if that may sound a bit nostalgic: We know very well what needs to be sealed. HEITKAMP is committed to results so that our customers receive individualized, smooth processes as well as high-quality and on-time construction. As we have aligned our entire company organization to this end, we consequently also decided to switch to more modern technology in our long-standing cooperation with RIB. We are convinced that iTWO 4.0, as a holistic solution, will provide us with targeted support in the complete workflow. Among other things, it will enable us to implement our projects even more effectively, to evaluate them in greater detail and to manage our resources even better.

Georg Gerhäuser Hoch & Tiefbau GmbH

Founded in 1919 and one of the leading structural and civil engineering companies in Bavaria, Germany.

Georg Gerhäuser, Managing Director of Georg Gerhäuser Hoch & Tiefbau GmbH: “Sustainability not only plays a decisive role for us in the implementation of our buildings – this was just as important in the choice of suitable software. To improve our technical and commercial processes in project handling – for construction as well as in the property development sector – we have decided in favor of the completely integrated RIB solution. In addition to the consistency of the system, we were also convinced by the mobile construction site management, which enables more effective work directly on site.”

Alfred Döpker Construction Company

A leading general contractor founded in 1965 and a reliable partner in existing buildings/renovation/modernization or shell construction.

Christian Schaefer, Managing Director of Alfred Döpker: “Two things are invaluable in our construction industry: many years of experience and continuous development. We combine both – tradition and innovation – under our roof and remain true to these values when choosing our partners and software. A few years ago, we already made the change to a more modern RIB solution in the calculation department – now we are following suit in other areas. We are looking forward to being able to plan, control, manage and evaluate our projects with the assistance of the iTWO platform. We were also convinced by the consistency of the system and the use of modern technologies in the ERP area.”


The European market leader in the restoration of fire and water damage.

Cornelia Czenkusch, authorized signatory, quality management representative and head of department at POLYGONVATRO GmbH: “To consolidate our system landscape and thus improve the entire claims handling processes, we opted for the RIB ERP solution. In addition to seamlessly covering our planning and execution processes, our focus was on digital collaboration with our partners and customers using a holistic and fully integrated end-to-end solution. The possibility of flexibly and efficiently mapping the diverse requirements of our service areas with this system ultimately convinced us. In addition, in RIB we have found a partner who, just like us, is strongly committed to the topic of sustainability.”


A branch of ACCIONA (a Spanish multinational developer specializing in sustainable infrastructure solutions) responsible for specialist ground engineering, industrial, renewable, and rail infrastructure services.

Mark Opitz, Head of ICT of ACCIONA Geotech: “ACCIONA is enthusiastic in adopting and maintaining pace with contemporary technology to support delivery of the best possible value and quality to our clients. We look forward to working closely with the RIB team to continue to meet this objective.”


A medium-sized family business founded in 1925 offering services including building construction and civil engineering, turnkey construction as well as project development and the milling operation.

Ulrich Dick, Managing Director of KUTTER GmbH & Co. KG: “The roads, squares, bridges and buildings that we construct should be durable, standard-compliant, sustainable and particularly user-friendly. To meet this requirement, we at Kutter work with state-of-the-art technology. Thus, we also rely on professional solutions when choosing our software and with the iTWO platform, we have opted for a modern technology that will considerably simplify our core processes in planning, calculation and implementation. In addition, with RIB we have found a strong pioneering partner who shares our passion for construction and supports us in driving forward digitalization within the Kutter company.”

Apleona GmbH A leading real estate and facility management company in Europe.

Dirk Zörgiebel, Director IT Solutions & Platform at Apleona: “In order to further strengthen our leading position in the market, we have extended our existing contract with RIB. From now on, even more colleagues will rely on iTWO software for the planning of their projects. The business relationship with RIB has always been on an equal level, so it was a matter of course for us to continue to rely on the Stuttgart-based company in the planning process. We are looking forward to a further successful cooperation”.

Barzani Group

A leading construction and property development company in South Africa. Roelof van den Berg, Founder & CEO of the Barzani Group: “Our vision as a business is to become the first construction company to automise its processes and completely change the landscape of the field. To achieve our goals and be successful, the choice of technology and the right technology partner is essential. As an existing RIB CCS client, we have come to know and trust the technology solutions that they provide, and it was a natural progression making the move to RIB’s flagship MTWO solution. We consider ourselves a forward-thinking, technology-driven industry leader and MTWO will further empower us in our mission to convert traditional construction processes into digitally automated workflows.”

Siemens Energy

One of the world’s leading energy technology companies.

Stephan Streck, Program Manager at Siemens Energy: “For our projects in plant construction, we need special software that supports us and our project partners from quotation calculation to construction inspection. We have been able to gain experience with RIB’s iTWO 4.0 platform in recent years, which helps us in this regard. We are therefore expanding our existing iTWO 4.0 contingent in order to support even more projects in the solutions business with it in the future.”

Amand Group

A family-owned company operating all over Germany.

Managing Director of Amand, “With RIB, we have a partner at our side with whom we are already know from many years of professional cooperation. So, we have now decided to switch to a more modern technology from our colleagues in Stuttgart and are convinced that iTWO 4.0 will support us as a holistic solution in the complete workflow. It will enable us to implement our projects more effectively and to analyze them in greater detail, as well as to manage our resources even better.”

Bernegger Group

An Austria-based company specializing in the operation of gravel and ballast plants.

Kurt Bernegger, Managing Director of the Bernegger Group: “For more than 3 years, we have been working on expanding our business area to include the production of precast concrete parts, as the trend towards industrialised construction is unmistakeable and we can hardly meet the demand after the acquisition of Ratzinger GmbH 2 years ago. In addition, we want to expand our delivery programme to include precast wall parts and other customer-specific solutions to be able to supply our customers completely. With RIB as a digitisation specialist in the construction industry, we want to process and implement our projects in an even more optimised way.”

Zeppelin Rental GmbH

A part of the Zeppelin Group’s Rental strategic business unit offering customized solutions in the fields of machinery and equipment rental, construction logistics and temporary infrastructure.

Angelo Butera, head of construction logistics (logistics consulting & management) at Zeppelin Rental GmbH: “Our aim is to use iTWO 4.0 software to calculate, plan and evaluate the use of our machines and resources so that we can offer our customers more efficient construction logistics. We are starting to optimize these processes in the Rental strategic business unit – it is possible that other companies in the Zeppelin Group will work with iTWO 4.0 later. In addition to the comprehensive functionalities of the resource management modules, we were convinced by the permanent availability and accessibility of the software. So, we will use the managed services in the RIB MTWO Cloud under Microsoft Azure. Furthermore, we want to benefit from RIB’s many years of expertise in the optimization and digitalization of construction processes. RIB supports us in integrating the highly flexible iTWO 4.0 technology into our existing system landscape in order to take full advantage of the possibilities of the RIB platform for us.”

Joint venture of JOHANN BUNTE and STRABAG

JOHANN BUNTE and STRABAG started 2021 in Germany with a major contract: the expansion of the A 1 freeway in Lower Saxony over a distance of 29.5 km.

Rainer Kolthoff, Commercial Manager at JOHANN BUNTE: “The joint venture of JOHANN BUNTE and STRABAG will completely document the whole construction cycle of the joint A1 freeway project with iTWO. In addition, the portal function of the RIB platform enables a more optimal collaboration between the joint venture and its subcontractors. We are looking forward to implementing this major infrastructure project even more effectively with the help of iTWO technology.”

Gerald Malits, Function Lead of BIM integration / technical ERP STRABAG BRVZ: “STRABAG has successfully relied on the innovative iTWO technology for the planning and calculation of its projects for several years. The decision was therefore an obvious one to also work together with RIB on two other large construction sites. On the one hand, we will use the iTWO enterprise solution to plan and implement our construction measures for the “HS2″ rail project – the UK’s new high-speed rail network. On the other hand, we will benefit immensely from the iTWO technology and RIB’s experience in the expansion of the A1 freeway”.

LEG Immobilien AG

One of Germany’s leading listed housing companies.

Ulrike Janssen, managing director of LEG Wohnen GmbH: “We regularly invest over EUR 250 million per year in the modernisation of our portfolios. We are very pleased to be working with RIB in purchasing and construction project management as a strong global partner with extensive experience in the real estate sector. The iTWO 4.0 enterprise solution from the RIB should enable us to digitalise and further optimise the entire process flow and cooperation with the large number of framework contract partners in our daily business.”

HTG Hoch- und Tiefbau Gadebusch GmbH

A family-run company that has been building residential, commercial and municipal properties for more than 60 years.

Dr. Michael Cratzius, Managing Director of HTG Hoch- und Tiefbau Gadebusch GmbH: “Our buildings are constructed according to current quality standards with state-of-the-art construction technology by experienced employees. We don’t promise miracles – but we deliver what we promise and our customers trust us because we combine work ethic, seriousness as well as expertise. With RIB, we have found an experienced partner who lives our maxim just as we do. Furthermore, we were also convinced by the modernity of the software and the fact that everything is provided to us from one source in one application. We are convinced that with the iTWO 4.0 enterprise solution, we are taking another big step in the direction of continuous digitalisation and we are looking forward to working with our colleagues in Stuttgart.

Avintia Group

The leader in residential construction in Spain and has been positioned in less than a decade as one of the most active industrial groups in the construction-real estate industry.

Juan Jesús González, General Director of Planning and Organization of Avintia Group: “MTWO is the core of the entire system because through technology it allows removing the human error that exists in this type of project and to parameterize all construction processes. It minimizes the risks of the project, logically it allows us to grow and make industrialized construction a reality, offering a successful product.”



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Here are some of the best-loved features of iTWO technology:

  • Comprehensive functionalities for all people, processes, and data.
  • Single source of truth and business intelligence powered enterprise Control Tower.
  • Scalable and adaptable to change when the business grows bigger and more complex.
  • Continuous investment in future technologies to help our clients always to stay ahead of the game.
  • A solid digital foundation that secures long-term business success.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Here at RIB Software, we’re driven by disruptive digital technologies, industry best-practice and trends, and have made it our purpose to propel the industry forward and make engineering and construction more efficient and sustainable. That includes supporting the development and availability of world-leading solutions that empower industry professionals to quantify, measure, report on and compare embodied carbon across the project lifecycle. And we’re not stopping there, in-progress development sees our solutions ultimately enabling better design and procurement decisions factoring in cost, time and carbon in order to mitigate and eliminate embodied carbon used across the life of a building.

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