3 Ways MTWO Helps Drive Better Performance for Project Owners

The construction project owner initiates construction projects, finances the project, and oversees the big picture. By consequence, owners must deal with numerous stakeholders such as architects, general contractors, specialty contractors, and engineers. With all of these project stakeholders collaborating to deliver the desired expectations of a project in a timely fashion, project owners are under great pressure, even more so when undertaking several projects simultaneously. As a result, many factors can influence the overall efficiency and productivity of the project construction.

4 main factors that can impede construction project performance

  • Using too many tools that are not connected or integrated with each other

Several different systems specializing on different jobs, usually not integrated with one another, and being used simultaneously across the organization’s project management, can cause data to be needlessly dispersed from multiple sources. These systems are good at dividing the work up into chunks but less effective in making sure everyone’s work fits together. As a result, data is held in separate systems by different teams and so time is wasted transferring this data between different systems.

  • Ineffective internal and external collaboration

Ineffective communication and collaboration often result in projects delays, going over budget or quality issues, and particularly in the current situation, efficient collaboration is more important than ever. Those who do it well are rewarded with faster cycle times, higher profits and fewer problems with quality and cost management. For large-scale owners with different branches, with project teams and partners located in different sites, it’s even more challenging to facilitate transparent communication between all parties.

  • Data silos translating into massive waste of human labor

Data is the most valuable resource, however, organizations tend to have too much unorganized data in too many files spread across the group. According to an FMI Whitepaper, 96% of all data captured goes unused in the engineering and construction (E&C) industry, 90% of data generated is unstructured, and 13% of E&C working hours are spent looking for project data and information. That translates into a massive waste of human labor and ultimately affects the bottom line. Structured data will undoubtedly be one of the key assets for any company heading successfully into the future.

  • Long implementation time

One of the top challenges project owners face is the time spent on the implementation phase of construction software, which can take months and even years to get a fully equipped system up and running. Many owners have experienced this challenge and frustration of system roll-out that can come with implementing digital construction systems, not only from the length of time for deployment, but also from the overhead costs brought on by system implementation.

Forward-looking owners need to save their valuable time for the project

Integrated cloud-based construction management software solutions can help to manage project lifecycle, stakeholders, and data. These solutions allow owners to access the latest project data in real time, manage all stakeholders effectively, and manage the project lifecycle, all of which cumulatively allow for maximizing productivity.

From initial concept to completion – one cloud platform for the whole project loop

MTWO is the Complete Construction Cloud for project owners – one centralized platform for all stakeholders to collaborate at every phase of the building process. When you put all your people, processes, and data into one place, you streamline project workflows, facilitate the dissemination of important and vital communication, and maximize productivity at every turn.

How MTWO can elevate the productivity of construction projects for project owners? Here are 3 ways …

  1. One platform to manage the project lifecycle with open API that allows integration with other software technologies.

As a Complete Construction Cloud platform, the entire life cycle of the building is virtually simulated in BIM 5D and serves the basis for smooth physical construction and efficient facility management. All phases of a project are interconnected with one single source of truth.

During the preconstruction phase, by using MTWO 5D BIM simulation, all relevant stakeholders can partner up from the start, explore design alternatives, and forecast their cost and time before selecting the optimum plan for the project. The project simulation provides a reliable basis for the decision-making process and helps to avoid potential risks and rework, and their related costs, in any phase of the project.

During the building phase, multiple versions of schedules can be compared easily in the Gantt Chart. Various project site reports will be uploaded to one platform for all relevant teams to review or download. MTWO desktop and mobile applications provide user-friendly interfaces for progress and defect issues records and update anytime and anywhere.

With MTWO mobile applications, site teams can access the latest project information, capture data in the field, track assigned tasks, and fill out progress reports without shuffling through lifeless spreadsheets or endless email threads. Data is automatically updated on the MTWO platform as soon as it’s entered via mobile apps, ensuring that everyone stays updated and consistently works from the most up-to-date set of data.

For the operation phase, MTWO extends 5D BIM to the important area of facility management. With iTWO fm integrated seamlessly into MTWO, all 5D BIM data from the planning and construction phase can be directly transferred to the operation phase. The master data forms the basis for permanently and securely managing your properties, buildings and facilities.

As a highly scalable and open platform, MTWO allows easy integration with other technologies for the construction industry to extend platform capabilities. For instance, MTWO provides seamless integration with the latest mainstream design and ERP software in the industry to manage your finances, supply chain, and stock.

  1. One platform to connect all teams both internally and externally

It’s not just a place to store your data. It’s a place for everybody to perform their jobs.”

All internal teams collaborate on one cloud platform. Everyone is kept on the same page with connected data that can be accessed from any device. Project teams can update and synchronize project data in real-time. One team’s data can help other teams in the platform with real-time secure access, bringing enhanced collaboration early on and can help rapidly improve productivity.

With MTWO, owners can connect their GCs, specialty contractors, and suppliers in one system. Business partners have access to real-time project data and can update data from their side on the platform. All teams are on the same page, saving tremendous time.

MTWO supports company-wide business partnership management, keeping track of project contracts and execution performance of every business partner. Partner evaluation reports can be created based on customized evaluation criteria for future project reference.

  1. One single source of truth with BI and AI capabilities

The platform manages data from every project, putting it all together so that users can intuitively utilize past results to establish better processes for future workflows. Based on the data from the platform, the MTWO Control Tower generates interactive dashboards to give team members all the real-time and structured information to know a project’s performance in scope, costs, schedule, and safety, to name just a few, both overall and in detail. Teams can gain full visibility of the immediate project and gain meaningful insights to confidently make final decisions.

  • Gain full visibility of the project status
  • Learn, predict and improve internal processes
  • Being proactive, not reactive

Project owners need to consider digital transformation as a means of optimizing the business in the long term. As one of our customers commented: “we decided to go with RIB because we could cover most or all of our capabilities with their solution. This is really how we bring the benefits in all levels in our organization. The complete project teams, all stakeholders, internal and external partners can communicate and collaborate in a better way.”

Interested in learning more about MTWO? RIB has developed the MTWO 5D Lab. Here, you can simulate contracts and projects in real time using realistic project data. We will support your learning, from scratch, on the basis of many successfully executed projects. Learn more here.


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