Connect and Synchronize Your Construction Field and Office with Mobile Apps

Today’s construction professionals rely heavily on technology to manage complex building projects across their entire project lifecycle. As an integrated comprehensive platform, MTWO Construction Cloud connects all teams, data, and processes in one place to unlock the value of project data and enhance productivity.

With the MTWO mobile solution, everything stays connected in one place, making your construction project management easier than ever. The data on the MTWO platform and between mobile apps is seamlessly connected and always stays synchronized.

When new data is entered through MTWO mobile apps, it’s instantly updated on the MTWO platform. The strict authorization control of multi-company and a multi-role structure of MTWO secures your enterprise and project data.

Below we’ve highlighted two key apps that strengthen the mobility and connectivity of MTWO Cloud Platform. They will not only make your life easier but will also take your project management to a higher level.


  1. Manage Defects and Safety issues with the MTWO Defect Management app

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time uploading photos, videos, and other files for your project report, you know how daunting the idea of creating hundreds of reports in Excel sheets or on paper can be.

With the MTWO Construction Cloud Defect Management app, you’ll be able to manage and track project defect and safety issues with ease. It allows your team members to upload comments and documents such as photos, videos, and forms, so that all defect and safety issues are visual and easily accessible.

This way, your team will work in context and make informed decisions based on data, not guesses. You can quickly search for any required record by filtering record categories such as status, date, priority, and the responsible team member. Different types of records are automatically categorized, making file organizing and searching easy to perform.

Once an MTWO Defect Management app is installed, you’ll be able to update everything right from the app. It’s a great way to directly upload files onto the MTWO Construction Cloud platform without spending hours manually transferring data between systems.

This app can be downloaded in the app store (iOS users) and for Android users, an installation package will be provided.

  1. Record the Project Progress with the MTWO Progress Management app

The MTWO Progress app enables project teams to add description, record progress, and upload photos of every activity on site. Filtering out the required activity structure only takes seconds. Simply select any activity, and you can get a 360-degree view of the full history.

Drag and drop the progress bar to update the activity progress, and the quantity will be automatically updated and accumulated as well. The activity performance from the parent level is also instantly updated, allowing team members to effortlessly follow up on all live activities.

Everything you update on the app will be immediately synchronized in MTWO, so that all stakeholders can instantly review and track every single activity, without struggling to find that one piece of information that might be critical in decision-making. The Progress app makes it easy for you to filter through project history data, depending on date, schedule type, and more.

Start Supercharging Your Construction Project Management Experiences

With Defect Management and Progress apps, MTWO Construction Cloud will help you orchestrate the project lifecycle that makes working easier. Easily integrating everything in one place doesn’t have to be a far-fetched fantasy. Get started today! Download the MTWO Defect Management app here and the MTWO Progress Management app here.

At MTWO Construction Cloud, we are committed to keeping your teams, data, and processes connected. Learn more about how MTWO can help with your enterprise projects today! Download the Future-Proof Your Construction Business whitepaper below or sign up for a live demo with our product experts and see how MTWO can help your team build better, faster, and smarter.


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